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Yacht Safety Blog

Yacht safety – ideas, tips and suggestions on maintenance and survey related issues for sailing yachts, motor boats and small craft

In this regular blog we publish useful news, ideas, tips and suggestions covering yacht safety, maintenance and survey related issues for sailing yachts, motor boats and small craft.

We like to focus our discussions on topics that tend to come up regularly during surveys or which, as fellow yachtsmen, we think might be of value. If there are issues that you’d like to see covered, we’d be pleased to hear from you.

With our wide ranging yachting and commercial seafaring background, encompassing superyachts, classic yachts, offshore racing, round the cans racing and bluewater cruising, as well as many hours (too many) spent doing winter maintenance and coping with the occasional summer engineering crisis, we write from experience and understand the issues from a yachtsman’s perspective, as well as a professional perspective as yacht surveyors.

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