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Survey FAQs

In the following Q&A we answer the questions that we are most frequently asked when a yacht owner, or potential yacht owner is considering appointing a surveyor.

Q: Does the yacht need to be hauled out ashore?

A: Yes, the yacht needs to be hauled out so that the surveyor can access the underside of the hull and associated fittings. We need a full working day to undertake a Pre-Purchase, Hull Condition or Insurance survey, so she would either need to be hauled out first thing in the morning, or the day before.

Q: Where can you work?

A: We are able to work anywhere in the South East UK, or further afield by arrangement.

Q: How long will it take?

A: We usually allow a whole day to undertake the inspection element of each survey. We aim to deliver our written report to you 2-3 days following completion of our inspection.

Q: Do you use destructive testing?

A: Our surveys are undertaken using non-destructive testing only, unless otherwise agreed with the owner. However, it is accepted practice in the UK that, with the owner’s approval, areas of bottom coating will be scraped-off during the survey to enable material moisture content and/or thickness to be gauged, as necessary.

Q: How about limitations to access?

A: Access will normally be limited only to easily removable panels on the yacht. If deeper access is required then this can be gained only with the owner’s approval.

Q: Can you survey the rig in situ?

A: We advise that you ask for the rig to be unstepped in order to undertake a proper inspection of the rig and rigging during the survey, as it is not possible to do so whilst the mast is stepped.

Q: Will you inspect the engine?

A: Yes, we will inspect the engine and if the vessel is in the water at any stage during the day of the survey will run it (and other mechanical systems) up to check correct functioning.

If you have other questions not answered here, please call us on 01621 to discuss them with us.

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