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Preparing for a survey

This section explains what we will need on the day of the survey, in order to ensure that the process runs smoothly. This checklist can also be downloaded using the link below, so that you can print it off easily.

Click here to download your Pre Survey Checklist
  • Vessel to be lying ashore, in a suitable cradle or securely chocked
  • If the vessel is hauled ashore, then she should ideally be lifted out at least four days prior to the survey to ensure that moisture readings are as accurate as possible. If the vessel is to be lifted and held in slings during the survey, then the vessel needs to be held for a minimum of 2 hours prior to commencement of the survey
  • Vessel to be properly cleaned (usually pressure washed) so that all marine growth is removed from the hull and fittings
  • All loose gear, including personal effects and other loose or heavy items should be cleared away where possible
  • Have all keys for the vessel so that all spaces can be inspected
  • Have the broker listing particulars and inventory to hand
  • Have all items listed on the inventory available for inspection
  • Ensure that the service and engine starting batteries are fully charged and connected and that adequate fuel is available if a sea trial has been agreed

For more, see our downloadable checklist

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