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Infrared thermography

Each and every physical object emits a thermal energy signature (except at absolute zero, which we’re unlikely to need to deal with!). Infrared thermography makes this radiant energy visible and measurable.

Differences in radiant energy enable us to detect anomalies such as changes composition within a single material (for instance due to delamination). Successful infrared thermographic inspection of composite structures requires a sufficient temperature gradient. For this reason a heat source is used in order to provide a temperature differential across the two sides of the material being analysed, in a technique known as Active Thermography.

Differences in radiated energy can also enable us to detect operating defects in mechanical and electrical systems due to friction (for instance caused by misalignment or worn bearings), electrical malfunction (for instance due to the breakdown of insulation leading to short circuits) or leaks.  As there is no physical contact with the machinery, it can be inspected whilst operating using Passive Thermography techniques.

Together, these capabilities make infrared thermography a powerful diagnostic tool in the right hands. We have the latest generation of Infrared Thermography equipment, together with experience in interpreting the images derived from their use.

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