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Dye testing

Although dye testing is an old technique, it is still a valuable tool in looking for signs of cracking and fatigue in a range of applications such as rigging terminals and welded fittings.

Dye testing uses an intensely coloured penetrant dye to improve visual inspection by increasing the contrast of discontinuities that reach the surface on non porous materials against the background colour. Penetrant dyes are drawn into surface-breaking cracks and cavities by capillary action. After a suitable contact time excess penetrant on the surface is removed. Penetrant left remaining within cracks and cavities then bleeds onto the surface, again via capillary action. Taking this a step further, flourescent penetrating dyes can be used in combination with UV (black) light, for great acuity. Combined with 10x or 20x magnification, this is a valuable and cost effective way of revealing flaws and potential failure sites.

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