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Damage survey

A Damage Survey will be required after any incident which results in more than just minor damage to your vessel. A damage survey consists of a forensic examination of the vessel for evidence of the cause and effect and a analysis of the events of an accident. This report may be commissioned directly by the insurer, or possibly by the owner directly if they would like the benefit of a fully independent report, in order to ensure that the vessel is put back into her original condition.

A damage survey consists of the following:

  • Vessel specifications
  • Condition survey and detailed analysis of the damage suffered
  • Chronology of events
  • Cause of accident
  • Conclusions
  • Repair specification
  • Estimates for cost of repair
  • Photographic documentation
Jenny Wren's transom looking aft, with crack below fairlead indicating a problem

Initial evidence of damage beneath fairlead caused by snubbing of stern line whilst berthed in exposed marina.

Jenny Wren transom damage repaired prior to painting

Repair prior to painting. Note single piece of teak in place of assortment of old repairs from a variety of materials including what appeared to be balsa and expanding foam.

Detail showing extent of transom rebuild on Jenny Wren

View of repair seen from aft, showing extent of work.

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