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Choosing a surveyor

There are many yacht and small craft surveyors offering their services, and we appreciate that we will be one of a number of companies that you’ll be looking at. What should you look for in choosing a surveyor and and why us?

First and foremost, seek evidence of in depth professional training and membership of one of the profession’s key professional bodies: BMSE (British Marine Surveyors Europe) and YDSA (Yacht Dealers and Surveyors Association). Both bodies have strict entry requirements and provide continuing support and professional development to their members. They appreciate (as do we) that you should never stop learning if you are to continue to be at the top of your profession. Membership of these bodies also requires adherence to a Code of Practice and a Code of Ethics that we believe are core to maintaining professional integrity. Also look for evidence of professional standing in related areas, such as RINA (the Royal Institute of Naval Architects), the Institute of Marine Engineering or the Nautical Institute, demonstrating that your surveyor as broadly based professional expertise.

Secondly, experience is invaluable. Of course this includes relevant survey experience, but it should also include operational experience – running, maintaining, building and refitting the kind of yachts that you are wanting an expert opinion on. A good surveyor will be able to bring a wide range of relevant experience to bear when surveying your yacht.

Yachts and surveying can get quite technical. But when you get your survey report, you don’t want to have to try and decipher endless technical jargon. So look for a surveyor who writes clear English, with good explanations of technical issues, together with clear and concise recommendations.

You may well find that the survey report leads you to ask more questions about the boat and perhaps to want to discuss certain parts of the report in greater detail with the surveyor. You need to be sure that the surveyor is going to give you support right through the survey process, until you are 100% clear about the outcome.

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